Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Shoes, No Passport, No Problem: Cheap Hawaii.

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Wanna get away?
As the winter cold sets in, many of us are looking for a way to escape. The Caribbean perhaps? Miami? How about Hawaii? With winter specials on flights ranging from $500-$700 including taxes, this is a perfect time to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the south pacific right in your own country. Sometimes it's still good to be an American. 

The capital of the 50th state, Honolulu, boasts not one but two highly rated, internationally affiliated HI Hostels, with rates for dorm rooms around $25 per night, and cozy private rooms running around $55-$60 per night, including taxes.  The city's quick and fairly efficient bus and taxi systems make getting around easy. 

So escape the cold and save some money too! 

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The HI Hostel in Honolulu
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  1. Hey, I read your post on the fecklessness of the Royal Family. In fact, I learned of your blog from the Mirror newspaper website, so well done.

    And thanks to you I know where I am heading to next summer.


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