Monday, January 7, 2013

William the Complainer?

Hello readers— for those of you having a hard time subscribing to and commenting on my blog, allow me to extend my apologies.  I've just started posting a lot of content to my blog and am therefore still working out some kinks. Bare with me! 

Additionally, for those of you who have expressed concerns that I may face repercussions for some of my posts about the royals, fear not— I am an American blogging from the USA, where my constitutional rights protect free speech, free speech which very much extends to criticism of the British Royal Family. At least I'm not calling them lizard people like some of their own subjects.

That being cleared upI cannot help but notice how much press coverage the younger members of the BRF have been getting in the American press lately, almost entirely positive, which I find really perplexing. Case in point: Prince William's recent complaining about he and his wife being photographed leaving church on Christmas Day. 

Let's just contrast that to the United States, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her immediate family, one of whom is a former President, were routinely photographed exiting the hospital where she was being treated this past week. To the best of my knowledge none of them complained, nor would they I expect, because people in this country would probably tell them to grow some thicker skin. I doubt they very much liked it though. 

President Obama was said to have been very embarrassed about a shirtless photograph of him taken on a beach in Hawaii where he was vacationing, which I believe made it onto the cover of Newsweek several years back, but once again, I don't think he dared issue a complaint to the press. 

Why? Because in this country, and I would argue in most all countries with a free press, when you are a public figure, there is going to be public interest in what you are doing, and sometimes the press is going to be a bit intrusive. I think everyone can be sympathetic to Prince William's desire to protect his family from excessive press coverage, but when a public figure starts to complain about every encounter with the press which makes them feel uncomfortable, they run the risk of not being taken very seriously in their public roles.  

It's one thing to be a Hollywood celebrity and complain about photos being taken of you while you are out and about, but public figures who need to maintain public support must be very careful about the extent to which they complain about the cameras. All I can say is... grow up Wills. And as for ABC... if you want to be the "American-British Channel" and cover the royals everyday, then fine. Just cover them the way you'd cover any other public figures. Fairly.

Just sayin...


  1. Most of the citizens who've had blogs pulled down, etc, are from countries with FREE SPEECH, as well, but that doesn't seem to matter, apparently. It's scary.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. That is very worrying to hear. I can't really speak to what may have happened to those blogs, because I don't know what sort of content was posted on them, but though this blog is opinion, it always strives to be:

    1) Respectful, and not personal in its criticisms of anyone.

    2) Open to alternative points of view.

    3) Factual in its information.

    Let's see if that makes a difference.


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