Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm outraged about the outrage!

I have been critical of the young royals quite a bit on this blog, and..sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't them some slack.  Afterall, it's not easy being in public life, and having worked in politics I know that.

However, they just keep giving me reasons "not" to cut them more slack. Case in point: beach picture gate! Yes that's right people, William the Complainer feels “agonised and bruised” because his barely showing pregnant wife was photographed while walking completely out in the open on a beach "in" her bikini and not out of it this time. I'm starting to think he should change his style from Prince to "Drama Queen".  But it is the British press who deserve an an Oscar this Sunday for their feigned outrage over the photos being published in an Italian tabloid.

But why oh why couldn't the media have respected their privacy (pronounced preeveecy in the Queen's English) you ask? Afterall, they were on holiday! Well... guess what your royal worship, LOTS of public figures get snapped while on holiday. Don't believe me? Allow me to provide a few examples then...

Photo #1 

As much as I have always supported both Clintons, personally "I" felt a little agonized and bruised after seeing this shot of the two of them dancing on the beach in their swimsuits. Judging from their tans, looks like Bill and Hill were too busy running America to take many sunny holidays.

Photo #2

Sooooo did not want or need to see this pic of President Obama leaving the gym in what appears to be gym "skorts". Can you imagine what would happen if pictures like this of Prince William surfaced in Britain? Oh yeah that's right, they'd be CENSORED.
Photo #3
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, former First Lady of the United States, the woman who tastefully redecorated the White House and was well-known for her class and reserve, was photographed in Greece in 1975 in what may be the most embarrassing photos taken of anyone ANYWHERE. Ever. Too racy for this blog. Consult Google. 

Tell you what Wills, let's trade. I'll go be a Prince while you come to America and get a regular, mostly thankless job. Vacations on Mustique will no longer be an issue. Whadda ya say? You'd rather be a prince? Then please do us ALL a favor and stick a cork in that bottle of whine.

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  1. Epic. Love it! 'Bottle of whine' is now my new favorite saying.

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